What’s the purpose of Nohtbook?

Leave notes for people to discover.



My friend added me as a contact and sent me a note. Why can’t I see it?

You have to add your friend as a contact and tap into them in order to see any notes that they sent you. This prevents random people from spamming you.

What's the benefit of not having notifications?

Benefits for the sender:

Benefits for the receiver:

Why use Nohtbook to avoid notifications when I can just silence my phone?

Silencing your phone covers you, but let’s consider the person you’re contacting. It’s impossible to know if they’ve silenced their phone. Since Nohtbook has no notifications, you can confidently send notes to others without disturbing them. Also, if you forget to silence your phone, Nohtbook still has your back.

Why use Nohtbook to relieve my pressure to reply, when I can just keep read receipts turned off?

Even if you have read receipts turned off, people will expect that you’ve seen their message within hours of it being delivered. If someone sends you a note or comment through Nohtbook, they won’t expect you to see it immediately because you won’t be notified or see an icon badge. So, they’ll likely assume you just haven’t yet remembered to check Nohtbook.

How is Nohtbook different than text messaging?

Nohtbook isn't meant to replace text messaging, just like text messaging isn't meant to replace email. Text messaging is great for sending time-sensitive & real-time communication. Nohtbook is great for sending notes that are not time-sensitive or when you don’t have time for a real-time conversation. With Nohtbook, feel free to reply whenever it’s convenient for you because you know the sender doesn’t expect an immediate response.

How is Nohtbook different than email?

Important emails get lost easily because of other distracting emails: marketing emails, administrative emails, receipts, etc. With Nohtbook, you only see notes when you tap into a contact or group, so you can stay focused.

How is Nohtbook different than collaborative note-taking apps?

Collaborative note-taking apps are great for things like taking notes in class or composing documents with others. You can also use Nohtbook to take notes, but it’s more for conversations than note-taking.

Can I archive or delete notes?

No, not yet. We plan to add these features soon.